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Sigrid: "Merrci" by Albert Varin

Tammi Lee: "Pratisha" by Matiss

Tracy A: "Heniade" by Luca Helios

Nancy A: "Feglin" by Erro

Iva: "Jalli" by Albert Varin

Cherish: "Vysine" by Catherine

Lilian Aura: "Presenting Lilian Aura" by Matiss

Raena: "Moshee" by Koenart

Candice B: "Boniu" by Leonardo

Lena Anderson: "Presenting Lena Anderson" by Charles Lightfoot

Li Moon: "Trenja" by Arkisi

Callista B: "Huyia" by Iona

Veselin: "Latlen" by Albert Varin

Violet: "Mirozet" by Matiss

Maxima: "Loima" by Albert Varin

Carmen Summer: "Kinra" by Rylsky

Hilary C: "Twenia" by Alex Lynn

Miranda Trent: "Presenting Miranda Trent" by Flora

Ashlin: "Sirlia" by Albert Varin

Cheyanna: "Hyllie" by Fabrice

Kika: "Dareta" by Leonardo

Kenya: "Zelhyr" by Arkisi

Yarina A: "Desayu" by Luca Helios

Nikia A: "Sallen" by Rylsky

Debora A: "Melliyan" by Arkisi

Mia D: "Miliran" by Leonardo

Barbara Vie: "Castaler" by Alex Lynn

Karen K: "Lacco" by Koenart

Michelle H: "Fortida" by Koenart

Veronika Mink: "Presenting Veronika Mink" by Matiss

Caralyn: "Ratryle" by Fabrice

Mona: "Lamirl" by Alex Lynn

Kantata: "Nahari" by Albert Varin

Kika: "Siaca" by Arkisi

Malena: "Peatel" by Leonardo